Gotta feel sorry for Chef Ramsay

“Food Critic” asks for a well done steak.  Well done steak?  Really?

Bofinger – Dollard Location

Bofinger Pulled Pork

We had a choice to go to Laval and try Atomic, go out west and go for some Smoke Meat Pete’s but the closer destination for us was Bofinger – it was 7pm and we were hungry.   I’ve never been, I’ve heard mixed reviews from people I know and looking around a few other restaurant sites, the pulled pork is supposedly pretty good and the burger’s looked good from what I was told, but noone’s actually ordered one.

I’m not going to spend much time on this review because I wasn’t really happy with my pulled pork.  It wasn’t gross, it was just bland.  I couldn’t tell if it was really cooked for 16 hours or just braised for 3 hours then shredded.  I saw no bark, no crust, nada.   I wasn’t in the mood for a spicy 9/11 sauce and risk heartburn on a Sunday nite so i went with a South Carolina Sweet and Sour sauce which was ok.  Basically, it’s pulled pork on a roll with coleslaw (which was good) and some pickles, tomatos, lettuce and after the first bite, i realised jalapenos … It kinda ticked me off, I didn’t want spicy, and my first bite was that.  I can take the heat from one, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want it.  The fries were fresh cut, those were ok. They seemed a little underdone but barely.  After cooling off for 10 mins I guess the carryover cooked them through.  All in all, the sandwich didn’t make my night, it didn’t ruin it either, it just did nothing.

The burger was good.  It was some sort of smoked plank bacon thing … I wish I had the burger.  I was juicy .. etc …

So if i had to go again, I would go for the burger.

The end.

  • Rating: 2 / 5
  • Price: $$$
  • Link

Wok Café – DDO Location

Woke Café Soups


After talking about it,  procrastinating, and talking about it some more … I finally went in to Wok Café.  I’m in the area quite often, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the place, but for some reason, I never went in.  I’m not a decor guru so I’ll stick to the food :)

The menu is big, but I was focused on the first page (after the cover).  All the combos range from ~$8 – $10

We were two, and I really wanted to get the General Tao chicken; I love the stuff, but everyone gets it … so…. I went with the Chicken with Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce hoping the other order was going to be the General Tao :)

Before I jump ahead, “All meals are served with rice, vegetables and your choice of spring roll or soup: wonton or hot and sour”.

I went with the hot and sour, the other was the wonton.  Both were very good.  The noodles were nice and packed in the wonton and the hot and sour was … well … hot and sour … which was good :)

The Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce was good too, not spicy enough for my liking.  I wish it was because I found the peanut butter a little overwhelming after awhile.  There wasn’t much competing with it.

The whole dish had a mix of vegetables like green peppers, onions, peas and stuff along with the chicken.  The side vegetables were steamed and lightly sautéed and were a good break from the peanut butter overdose.  Don’t get me wrong, overall, I liked it, I just wanted the heat.I tried to add Sriracha to the plate but it was going to get messy, so I added a  little.

The General Tao rocked.  It was meaty, well battered and fried and the sauce was really good. They aren’t cheap on the portions.  When I saw the mountain of chicken I was almost sure it was going to be a little piece of chicken surrounded by an air-bag of batter (which really isn’t a bad thing in my opinion) but it was really meaty.

The service was great.  To make a long story short, it seems I’m still new to this drinking water thing because i ended up with my entire glass all over the table and the floor.  They were kind enough to move us to a new table instead of just trying to dry everything up.


So basically, the positives were … price, value, portion size, service and flavour.  The negative is that the spicy isn’t so spicy*.

* Come to think of it, when I go to my local Thai Express, the ‘default’  spicy isn’t really spicy either.  I’m going to chalk it up to “leveling up” on the spice-o-meter


Wok Café
Place du Marché
3510 Boul. des Sources
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Qc
H9B 1Z9
Tel: (514)683-8883
Mon – Sun: 11 a.m – 11 p.m


  • Rating: 4 / 5
  • Price: $$
  • Link

Five Guys – DDO Location


Five guys has opened up in my area of the West Island.  Friends who have gone have said that the burgers are good … to the burgers being amazing!

For starters, I like burgers.  I don’t like overdoing it on the toppings, I want to taste the meat.  I love Harvey’s hamburgers, O’Burger is great and there are alot of old and new burger joints that I haven’t yet tried but it’s on my to do list, it’s just a little harder now because I need to shed some weight :(   … anyways ….

When I did some (a little) research on Five Guys my first thoughts were either ”American burgers … diners, drive-ins and dives style” or some type of  Kahuna Burger restaurant.  I wasn’t sure.  I was hoping for the former … I wanted juice dripping down my arm and all that great stuff that I see on D.D.D. without the Guy Fieri play-by-play.

Their normal burger is a double paddy, if i had to guess maybe a 3-4 ounce paddy (x2) and you order what you want it topped with at the counter.  Their toppings are pretty much standard  and some jalapeno peppers.  You get a choice of 3 sauces; A-1, BBQ or Hot Sauce.  I went with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard …

The good and the bad is that it’s not really fast food … the burgers are put on when you order them so you’ll be waiting 6-8 minutes depending on their volume.  It took us 7 minutes to get our order and we were the first and only people in the store.  (it was 11am).  If you’re in a rush, and it’s busy, I’m really not sure how long you’ll be waiting … but if you don’t want your burger’s sitting in a hotel pan in a warming oven, it’s probably worth the wait.

The burger was … OK … It lacked seasoning (salt and pepper … there was not even a grain of salt) but you tasted the meat, which was fresh.  I’m not sure if this is their style to be honest, maybe the girl forgot to add it …  I like my food salted.  At home, there’s no salt shakers at the table, the food is seasoned before it hits the plate.  It was juicy but the paddies are kind of thin so not sure how much juice they could really hold.  It was a decent burger but what’s bothering me is I have one friend who loves it … so maybe I didn’t get the best burger they could have possible served me … I’ll go back and find out.

The fries are huge … 1 fry can easily cover 2 people.  They’re fresh-cut and good.  Mine were a tad underdone but a 5 minute wait and the carry over cooking seemed to fix that.

When you purchase a drink, it comes with free refills.

All in all … I have to go back.  The no salting thing is bothering me!

1 Burger, 1 Little Bacon Cheese Burger, 1 Fry, 2 drinks came out to just under 18$.

You’ll find Five Guys in the strip mall near the Starbucks at the corner of Sources and  De Salaberry.

3530 Boulevard des Sources Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
Phone: 514-683-4545
Hours: 11am-10pm Every



  • Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Price: $$
  • Link

La Griglia d’Oro

Amuse Bouches were some crostini served with marinated grated carrots on one side and a lentil-tomato compote on the other. The carrots were good, the lentils were great.

For an appetizer I had the Frittata Bocconcini (8$) which is basically 5 or 6 thumb-size bocconcini breaded and fried served over some marinara sauce and topped with grated parmesan. The bocconcini is good (who doesn’t like breaded and deep-fried cheese?) but the real treat was the marinara sauce at the bottom of the plate. I asked for extra bread rolls to mop up the plate.

For the main course, I had the chicken breast with bocconcini-mozzarella (16$) which is basically a roasted chicken breast (really juicy) topped with melted cheeses, rapini and paper thin garlic slices topped again with some mild Italian sausage served with some sautéed vegetables, which were also really well cooked (al-dente and all that) and some roasted potatoes. Everything was really well put together and the dish is very flavourful.

Other dishes at the table were fried calamari (10$), beef tartar (table d’hôte appetizer), mussels (table d’hôte appetizer) and tortelloni (table d’hôte main course).

The service was good. I misunderstood the waiter at one point thinking he wanted to clear some unused glasses on the table but he ended up taking my scotch so when I politely asked the waiter where my Glenfiddich was – he brought me a fresh glass which was perfect timing for the end of the meal.


  • Rating: 3.5 / 5
  • Price: $$$
  • Link
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