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Bofinger Pulled Pork

We had a choice to go to Laval and try Atomic, go out west and go for some Smoke Meat Pete’s but the closer destination for us was Bofinger – it was 7pm and we were hungry.   I’ve never been, I’ve heard mixed reviews from people I know and looking around a few other restaurant sites, the pulled pork is supposedly pretty good and the burger’s looked good from what I was told, but noone’s actually ordered one.

I’m not going to spend much time on this review because I wasn’t really happy with my pulled pork.  It wasn’t gross, it was just bland.  I couldn’t tell if it was really cooked for 16 hours or just braised for 3 hours then shredded.  I saw no bark, no crust, nada.   I wasn’t in the mood for a spicy 9/11 sauce and risk heartburn on a Sunday nite so i went with a South Carolina Sweet and Sour sauce which was ok.  Basically, it’s pulled pork on a roll with coleslaw (which was good) and some pickles, tomatos, lettuce and after the first bite, i realised jalapenos … It kinda ticked me off, I didn’t want spicy, and my first bite was that.  I can take the heat from one, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want it.  The fries were fresh cut, those were ok. They seemed a little underdone but barely.  After cooling off for 10 mins I guess the carryover cooked them through.  All in all, the sandwich didn’t make my night, it didn’t ruin it either, it just did nothing.

The burger was good.  It was some sort of smoked plank bacon thing … I wish I had the burger.  I was juicy .. etc …

So if i had to go again, I would go for the burger.

The end.

  • Rating: 2 / 5
  • Price: $$$
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